Entry Form

Below you will find the entry form for International Feature Film in competition (adaptation of a literary source) or import. Make sure you complete all three steps for a correct submission of your film.

Step 1 - Send us the following specifications about the film you want to submit.

Please read the rules and regulations before submitting your form.

Entry form for* (options: 'Film and Literature Competition' or 'Import')

  • Title of film
  • Original title
  • Country of production
  • Year of production
  • Running time in minutes
  • Original Language
  • Subtitles
  • Genre (opties Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Thriller, Horror, Romantic, Family, Animation)
  • The screening will be a (opties World premiere, European premiere, Dutch premiere)
  • Please list festival(s) at which the film has already participated 
  • Please list awards that the film has won 
  • Film website
  • Dutch Rights holders
  • Contact for the film is (opties Director, Producer, Sales Agent, Other)
  • Name of contact
  • Email address contact *
  • Street Address contact
  • Line 2 - Street Address contact
  • City
  • State/province/region
  • Postal/Zip code
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • Format (opties DCP, 35mm, other)
  • Screen ratio: (opties 4:3, 4:3 (letterbox), 16:9, other

* indicates an obligatory field

Step 2 - Send requested items by mail

The films must be sent prepaid by the sender before the submission deadline July 1, 2019 at the following address:

International Film Festival Film by the Sea
care of J. Doense
Spuikomweg 5
4381 LZ Vlissingen
The Netherlands

Please make sure you include the following items:
One DVD of the film (your DVD must be labeled with the title, director’s name, length, format, subtitling (if any); please indicate if the submission is a rough cut, or work in progress. Poster and/or press booklet of the film.

Step 3 - Send requested items by email

E-mail the following information and files to jan@filmbythesea.nl:

  • Synopsis of the film
  • Biography and filmography of the director
  • One or more (high resolution) stills from the film
  • A statement of the director on the film
  • Full cast and credits list