GLM by the Sea

Rules and Regulations

The Festival’s aim is to contribute to the development and promotion of artistic cinema and film industry.

Art. 2
The 19th edition of the International Film festival Film by the Sea will be held from 8 until 17 September 2017 in Vlissingen in the Netherlands.

Art. 3
The Festival consists of the following sections:
• A specialised international competition of feature films based on a novel or other original literary source (at least 8 films). Prize of 5,000 Euro to be given to the director of the film.
• A non-specialised competition of feature films that doesn't have Dutch distribution. The audience will be polled to vote its preference for the best film of the festival. The film with the most votes will not only receive the Audience Award, but will also receive help to find a distributor in the Netherlands or to be broadcast.
• Non-competitive film programmes, retrospectives, homage profiles, educational programmes, side programmes.

Art. 4
Each film must comply with the following conditions:
• It must be a 2016 or 2017 production
• Only 35mm prints and digital films in good technical condition can be accepted.
• Films made in languages other than English or Dutch must have English or Dutch subtitles
• Films produced for television can only be considered if a theatrical release is also planned
• Films selected for the competition programmes may not have been previously screened at any other film festival in the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) neither in nor out competition

The festival direction will determine the order and date of the screening of all films. Once a film has been registered for participation, it cannot be withdrawn or screened elsewhere in the Netherlands, prior to its screenings at Film by the Sea. Each film may be screened up to a maximum of four times during the International Film festival Film by the Sea.

Call for entry:
All screeners for the pre-selection must arrive no later than 1 July 2017. The DVD screener should be sent, together with the completed entry form and a press-kit, exclusively via courier to the following address:

International Film Festival Film by the Sea
Spuikomweg 5
4381 LZ VLISSINGEN (The Netherlands)

DVD will only be returned if the sender requests this specifically.

Art. 7
The selection of films is carried out under the unquestionable judgment of the Festival Direction. The Direction of the Festival will communicate the results of the selection no later than 1 August 2017. Once the official notification of inclusion in a competitive section has been received, absolute priority must be given to the dispatch of the following materials:
• Completed entry form
• DVD screener of the entire film
• Synopsis
• Bio-filmography and a recent digital photograph (and preferably an analogue version as well) of the Director
• If requested: an original dialogue list and its translation into English
• A full list of artistic and technical credits
• Coloured or black & white photos of the film
• Photos of the principal actors/ actresses
• Posters and playbills
• A Betacam SP/Pal tape containing the film trailer and/or two or three film clips
N.B.: The production’s authorisation for the transmission (on national TV) of a maximum of three minutes of scenes from the film is essential for the promotion of the film.
All the above-mentioned material must be sent, exclusively via courier, separately from the 35mm or
digital copy, to the following address:

International Film Festival Film by the Sea
Spuikomweg 5
4381 LZ VLISSINGEN (The Netherlands)

If the film has been selected for the official competition programme the festival will require a guarantee that the director or a main actor/actress or author will be present at the Award Ceremony Dinner on Friday 15 September 2017 in Vlissingen and if possible will attend at least one of the screenings of the film. The festival will offer hospitality, including travel and hotel accommodations for three nights for a maximum of two persons. Only invitations officially issued by the festival are valid.

Art. 8
Unless otherwise negotiated, costs related to the transport of the film, promotional materials and insurance from the country of origin to the Customs Office in the Netherlands are the responsibility of the participant. Costs related to the insurance of the film print against loss or complete or partial damage for the period after it has been received by the festival until its return to the delivery agent are the responsibility of the festival (according to appendix 1 of 3 FIAPF international regulations). In case of damage to or loss of a print during the festival, the festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new print based on the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard print.

Prints from all other countries may be sent by air freight to our customs broker to:

International Film festival Film by the Sea
Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam – the Netherlands.

Each shipment must include a pro-forma invoice, a list of the packages, the correct travel documents (indicating the number of reels, the length of the film in metres as well as the title of the film and its commercial value for customs).
At the same time, the sender must also forward a Notice of Dispatch indicating the title of the film, the number of packages, the date of the dispatch and the Airway Bill Number via fax to the Festival Secretary.
N.B.: All films that enter the Netherlands with a temporary importation license will be exported through the same agent responsible for their import and using the same dispatch procedure.
• The copies must arrive at the Festival no later than 31 August 2017. This deadline must be strictly observed.
• Naturally, both the scenes and dialogues of the 35mm or digital copy must be identical to that of the DVD sent for the pre-selection.
Costs and commitments
• All expenses for the dispatch of the 35mm copies, their temporary importation, storage, insurance and restitution to their country of origin will be paid by FBTS.

Art. 10
To award the Prize in the Film and Literature section ‘The impact of literature on film’ the Festival Director appoints the members of the International Jury as well as its president. The International Jury is composed of at least five foreign and Dutch personalities. No person who has participated in the production or promotion of any film selected for this competition may serve on the Jury. In accordance with FIAPF international regulations, the International Jury will be comprised of prominent representatives of the worlds of culture, theory and criticism, as well as filmmakers and producers.
The prize in the Film and Literature competition consists of 5,000 Euro for the director of the film. The director of the festival or his representative may attend jury deliberations but will take no part in the voting. Jury decisions will be based on an absolute majority, or failing that on a relative majority reached by a third ballot. Jury members are sworn to secrecy. Jury discussions and ballots remain strictly confidential even after the Festival has ended.

Art. 11
The jury is obliged to award the following prizes in the feature film category:
• A prize of 5,000 Euro awarded to the director of the best feature film based on a novel or other original literary source.
• Audience award: distribution grant for the most popular film voted by the audience in the section of films ‘Unreleased’ in the Netherlands.

Art. 12
The President of the International Film festival Film by the Sea has final decision authority in case of unclear situations or cases unforeseen in these regulations. This is in conformity with international festival regulations.

Art. 13
Participation in the Festival implies agreement with the regulations herein described.

Leo Hannewijk
Festival Director