International Student Jury

Due to the positive experiences of and with the Youth Jury,  this year for the third time Film by the Sea collaborates with HZ Cult to form the International Student Jury.
The eight international students of HZ University of Applied Sciences and University College Roosevelt are between 18 and 25 years old. During the festival they will meet up and watch and review eight movies of young, up-and-coming filmmakers from different small film countries. At the end of the week the jury will hand out the International Student Award to the winner of this award.

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In navolging op de positieve ervaringen van en met de Jongerenjury, werkt Film by the Sea samen met HZ Cult om dit jaar voor de derde keer de International Student Jury samen te brengen. De acht internationale studenten van de HZ University of Applied Science en University College Roosevelt zijn tussen de 18 en 25 jaar. Tijdens het festival, komen zij samen en bekijken en beoordelen zij acht films van jonge, up-and-coming filmmakers uit verschillende kleine filmlanden. Aan het eind van de week zal de jury de International Student Award uitreiken aan de winnaar van deze award.

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International Student Jury FbtS Film by the Sea

Wanted: International talent for the international Student Jury! 

This year the 20th edition of Film by the Sea will take place in Vlissingen from 7 until 16 September. One of the objectives of this international film festival is to encourage young people to participate in cultural activities and specifically activities related to films. For the fourth edition of the International Student Jury we are searching for eight enthusiastic international students who study at HZ University of Applied Sciences or University College Roosevelt. 

It goes without saying that you are extremely interested in films and that you are eager to learn more about films, the industry, reviewing, editing and how cultural background influences the perspective of a director, but also a film viewer. The goal of your participation in the jury, is to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity from which you will transform as a person.


Although the actual film festival starts in September, you already are in function as a jury member from the beginning of June! Several activities will be planned and at Cine City and at the HZ University of Applied Sciences. You will meet your coach, the other jury members and press photos will be taken.

In the week of 3 September you will prepare yourself by following a workshop ‘Creating videos for social media purposes’ and a workshop ‘ Tips & Tricks how to use social media as a jury member’. These workshops will take place at the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

Learning process

During the festival you will learn a lot and we can guarantee that you will definitely grow as a person. You will work on your communication skills, such as writing professional film reviews and speeches. You will become better at debating, listening and presenting. You will become a vlogger and communicate your experiences via your social media channels to encourage other young people to visit a particular film or the festival itself.

Moreover you will learn more about other cultures and how this influences a person’s perspective and you get to revalue the treasure of your own cultural background. Besides this you will see films that actually strikes you. You gain more knowledge about films, directing, editing and the use of music and sounds during a film.

And last but not least: you are able to meet interesting people such as your fellow jury members, actors, directors and producers and learn more about the film industry itself.

Programmme during the film festival
Friday the 7th of September the festivals starts officially and all jury members are invited to the opening gala.  After this evening you will be fully occupied combining your study with the responsibilities of a jury member. During the weekend you have two workshops  ‘Watching film with a critical view’ given by Gerlinda Heywegen a professional film critic and watch two to three films.

In total you will see and review eight films of young and up-and-coming directors of small film countries across the world. After every film you individually write a review and afterwards you will discuss each film with the other jury members.  During weekdays we start at 18.00 hours so you are still able to go to classes at your university. You can imagine after watching and reviewing two films some nights you are still present at Cine City at midnight!

At Wednesday you will debate about the top three movies that will be selected for the Award Ceremony that takes place at Thursday evening. You will write a full jury report and speeches. These speeches will be used to explain why you have chosen these films in the top three.  You will present the International Student Award Film by the Sea 2018 for a full cinema theatre.  After the ceremony you will have an informal festive gathering together with the members of the youth jury and former jury members.


  • Application is open to all international students between 18 and 25 years of HZ University of Applied Sciences or University College Roosevelt.
  • Naturally you need to be available for all activities that are organized. Therefor you will sign a letter of commitment that gives you the exact activities and dates.
  • Fill in the entire application form
  • Add  a portrait photo with a minimal resolution of 500x500 in
  • Send both files to  attn. Judith van Poppel
  • Deadline Friday 25 May 2018 09.00 AM hours

Click here for the application form.